1.) Name of the tournament:

International Winter Footgolf Tour 2016/2017, aka: IWFT 2016/2017

2.) Goal of the tournament:

Collecting points during the eight stages of the IWFT. At the end, there will be champions in six categories (men, women, junior, 40+, 50+ and debutant) and in absolute after the overall results. The team event ranking system will be published later.

3.) Schedule:

  • IWFT 1st stage:       6th November 2016 (Sunday)
  • IWFT 2nd stage:    20th November 2016 (Sunday)
  • IWFT 3rd stage:       4th December 2016 (Sunday)
  • IWFT 4th stage:     18th December 2016 (Sunday)
  • IWFT 5th stage:     15th January 2017 (Sunday) (cancelled due to weather conditions)
  • IWFT 6th stage:     29th January 2017 (Sunday) (cancelled due to weather conditions)
  • IWFT 7th stage:     12th February 2017 (Sunday) (cancelled due to weather conditions)
  • IWFT 8th stage:     26th February 2017 (Sunday)
  • IWFT team final:      5th March 2017 (Sunday)


  • Hungarian Golf Club - (Kisoroszi) – 18-hole footgolf course
  • Forest Hills Golf Club (Zirc) – 18-hole footgolf course
  • Golf Club Imperial (Balatongyörök) – 18-hole footgolf course
  • White Eurovalley Golf Resort (Malacky) - 18-hole footgolf course
  • Airport Golf Club (Surany) - 18-hole footgolf course
  • Sonnengolf Golf Club (Zsira) - 18-hole footgolf course
  • Golf Club Schönefeld - (Schönefeld) - 9-hole footgolf course

4.) Definition of the tournament:

Competition with eight stages.

The game format is stroke play on 18 holes on every stages. The flights start from the first tee with ten minutes break between the flights or it can be shotgun system. The flights must contain maximum four players.

5.) Organizers of the IWFT:

Hungarian Footgolf Federation
1028 Budapest, Várhegy street. 8.
Slovenská FootGolfová Asociácia
Topoľčianska 22
851 05 Bratislava
Footgolf Vienna
Wagramer Strasse 153/2
1220 Vienna, Austria

Contact list:

  • Attila Molnár: +36-20-520-5824
  • Gábor Gelencsér: +36-20-911-9297
  • Tomas Dittinger: +421-903-792-224
  • Patrick Gauder: +43-699-102-65-795

6.) Tournament committee:

Every stage has a committee including three persons, whose responsibility to control the tournament in the guidance of the FIFG and IWFT rules and handle the protestations.

Person, who has played once in the IWFT 2016/2017 series, can not be part of the committee.

Selection of the committee will be established and published by the organizer country of the stage before the game day by the organizer of the stage.

7.) Categories:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Junior:  player who was born after 26th February 2001
  • 40+:  player who was born before 6th November 1976
  • 50+:  player who was born before 6th November 1966
  • Debutant:  player, who was not played on more than two occasions on the Hungarian ranking listed tournament, or on the Slovak championship or on any other European tournament under the licence of the FIFG. This eligibility can be checked by the organizers. The players who break this rule, can be disqualified instantly and delete his points.
  • Team:  will be published later.

8.) Registration:

Every person can register who is more than ten year-old by sending the fully filled and signed registration sheet.

You can download it from here: /

You are able to play after paid the registration fee for the IWFT 2016/2017. It is 6.000 HUF/person/IWFT. If you want bill, you can ask it in written form, when you register.

The green fee must be paid on every occasion.

You have to register for every stage only by email until the deadline (published by the organizers before the stages). Who missed it, can play after the last flight, but their scores will not count in the tournament, but every rule are applied during their game.

The player, who registered for a stage, but does not appear and does not tell the organizers it at least two hours before the start of the stage, will get maximum 10 points penalty. The measure of the penalty will be decided by the organizers. The organizers must tell the player about his penalty in written form.

The payment deadline of the registration and green fee is 20 minutes before the tee time. Who misses it, will be in „visitor" status, which means, his points will not count in the tournament, but every rule are applied during their game.

The startlist will be published at least 12 hours before the start of the stage at there:, and

The organizers must warn the players, if one of the stages is deleted.

9.) The competition:

Startlist and flights:

The flights made after the registrations for every stage by the organizers. For the first stage the flights will be created after the absolute final ranking of the 2016 Hungarian Footgolf Championship. From the second stage the flights will be created after the previous absolute result of the latest stage of the IWFT. On the last stage, the flights will be created after absolute standing of the IWFT.

There can be women and juniors together in one flight, and men 40+, 50+ and debutants as well. These are the only mixture possibilities.

There must be at least 3, maximum 4 participants in men, 40+, 50+ and debutant category in a flight. Just the starter can decide, if it is possible to break this rule in an unpredictable occasion.

There must be maximum two players from the same club. If someone changes a team during the competition, his previous points will be counted for the team in he started the tournament, then he will be in „no-club" state, his new points will not counted for his new club until the new season starts.

No relatives within the same flight.

Stroke play:

Winner of the„stroke play" is, who earn the fewest kicks during the game (with penalty points too). The player must finish 18 holes, the best result is the lowest score. The game ends, when the player finished every hole, because every result counts in the game. The hole not finished by a player, means, his score is 10 on that hole.

Penalty points during the game added to the last hole’s score.

There are maximum 10 kicks on every hole. If the player reaches the tenth kick, and he is not finished it, it counts as ten, and has to go to the next hole.

Responsibilities of the player:

Every player has to be at his first tee 5 minutes before the tee time and collects the scorecard from the starter. If he does not, it means two penalty points for him, which added to his final result. The starter writes it on the scorecard and reports it to the tournament committee.

If the player does not appear on his tee time, he can play after the last flight, but his score does not count in that stage, but every rule are applied during their game. The player is disqualified, who does not appear on time in shotgun system.

Practicing on course is prohibited on the day of the tournament. Practicing means kicking the ball on every part of the course between the tee box and the hole, because it is an illegal advantage to get more familiar with the course. Breaking this rule means disqualification.

The player can practice before the first tee for warming up, if his kicks are not oriented to knowing better the course.

The scorecard is written by someone else within the flight. Every part of the card must be filled. The card is written by the player only.

It is prohibited to write the score card by a player from the same club. It means disqualification for the two players.

Filling the card after the hole must be filled not to disturb the next flight. It must be filled after the previous hole until reaching the next hole.

The scorecard must be signed by the player who filled it and the player whose score is on it. Every players must give the score card to the organizers within 30 minutes after the 18th hole. Only the fully filled scorecard is evaluated.

No one is evaluated, if the score card is not filled correctly, or not given to the organizers.

After giving the score card to the organizers, every claim must be send to the organizers as an official protestation. Every question during the game must be ended and solved till they give the score card to the organizers, or asked the committee at that point they give back the filled scorecard. The committee must respond it and make decisions.

Every player must carry his ball in his hands between his last finished hole to the next tee box. The player, who can not use his ball according to the rules (kicks it away from anger, etc.) gets two penalty points in every occasion added to the 18th hole on every score card, where the player’s results are counted

The people watching and walking with the flights must be at least 15 metres back from the players, ordered by the players.

Game time:

Every flight must finish their game within 210 minutes. The committee can decide to change it, but must warn the players.

The speed of the game must be not disturbing for the others in the flight or for the flights following them. The marshall can warm the players to play faster.


The marshall’s most important task is to guarantee that the game must be contiguous, to coordinate the flights. He can decide to give penalty points, if he sees something against the rules until the players have ended the game.

A hole is finished, when every player of the flight finished it and recorded their score on the scorecard.

If the player does not agree with the decision of the marshall, they can ask the committee to watch it.

10.) Awarding ceremony:

After the last score card is given to the organizers, the ceremony is held within approximately 30 minutes in the clubhouse after every stage.

11.) Valuation:

Every category is valuated (men, women, junior, 40+, 50+ debutant and absolute). The team competition’s valuation is in that regulation.

Every stage is counted at the end of the tournament, irrespectively of how many stages was hold. Every player gets 10 points for participating on one round. Every points collected during the season counted (see below). The winner is, who collected more points.

In occasion of tie after 18 holes

If the score is the same after a stage, the decisive is the last 9 hole’s result, then the last 6, then the last 3, then the last one.

Ranking list

The points after the stages:

If the number of the players are among 1-54, the first 20 players get points in the different categories:

1. 100 points
2. 85 points
3. 70 points
4. 64 points
5. 58 points
6. 52 points
7. 46 points
8. 40 points
9. 36 points
10. 32 points
11. 28 points
12. 25 points
13. 22 points
14. 19 points
15. 16 points
16. 13 points
17. 10 points
18. 7 points
19. 4 points
20. 1 point

If the number of the players are among 55-72, the first 30 players get points in the different categories:

1. 150 points
2. 127 points
3. 105 points
4. 96 points
5. 87 points
6. 78 points
7. 69 points
8. 60 points
9. 54 points
10. 48 points
11. 43 points
12. 38 points
13. 33 points
14. 28 points
15. 24 points
16. 20 points
17. 16 points
18. 15 points
19. 13 points
20. 12 points
21. 11 points
22. 10 points
23. 9 points
24. 8 points
25. 7 points
26. 6 points
27. 5 points
28. 4 points
29. 3 points
30. 2 points

If the number of the players among 73-90, the first 40 players get points in the different categories:

1. 200 points
2. 170 points
3. 140 points
4. 128 points
5. 116 points
6. 104 points
7. 92 points
8. 80 points
9. 72 points
10. 64 points
11. 56 points
12. 50 points
13. 44 points
14. 38 points
15. 32 points
16. 26 points
17. 24 points
18. 23 points
19. 22 points
20. 21 points
21. 20 points
22. 19 points
23. 19 points
24. 18 points
25. 17 points
26. 16 points
27. 15 points
28. 14 points
29. 13 points
30. 12 points
31. 11 points
32. 10 points
33. 9 points
34. 8 points
35. 7 points
36. 6 points
37. 5 points
38. 3 points
39. 2 points
40. 1 point

If the number of the players are more than 90, the first 50 players get points in the different categories:

1. 250 points
2. 215 points
3. 180 points
4. 158 points
5. 144 points
6. 129 points
7. 115 points
8. 102 points
9. 94 points
10. 86 points
11. 79 points
12. 74 points
13. 68 points
14. 63 points
15. 59 points
16. 55 points
17. 51 points
18. 47 points
19. 44 points
20. 41 points
21. 38 points
22. 35 points
23. 32 points
24. 30 points
25. 28 points
26. 26 points
27. 25 points
28. 24 points
29. 23 points
30. 22 points
31. 21 points
32. 20 points
33. 19 points
34. 18 points
35. 17 points
36. 16 points
37. 15 points
38. 14 points
39. 13 points
40. 12 points
41. 11 points
42. 10 points
43. 9 points
44. 8 points
45. 7 points
46. 6 points
47. 5 points
48. 4 points
49. 3 points
50. 2 points

The ranking list can checked here:

Tie on the podium at the end of the IWFT:

  • winning more stages
  • having more 1st-3rd places
  • the fewest kicks during the season in absolute ranking
  • playoff on three holes
  • playoff on one hole
  • nearest to the pin until the end

12.) Prizes:

  • IWFT 2016/2017 absolute champion: registration fee, accommodation and plane ticket for a chosen stage of the 2017 EFT
  • IWFT 2016/2017 men champion: cup
  • IWFT 2016/2017 women: champion: cup
  • IWFT 2016/2017 junior champion: cup
  • IWFT 2016/2017 40+ champion: cup
  • IWFT 2016/2017 50+ champion: cup
  • IWFT 2016/2017 debutant champion: cup
  • IWFT 2016/2017 team competition: in the team competition regulation

13.) Equipment


The football must be a regular FIFA 5-size ball between 68,5 and 69,5 cms and between 420-445 grams. The player’s responsibility to play with the adequate ball. The ball has to be marked with a unique sign by the player.

Dress code:

The dress code is the advised, fair and pc one.

Pique T-shirt, collared shirts

Golf pants or shirts

Argyle socks

Indoor or turf soccer shoes, „AG" and „FG" signed shoes are not allowed!

No jeans, No cleats, no vest or football shirt!

The players can differ from the dress code above only in extreme weather conditions.

Footgolf tee:

Players can use footgolf tee for the first kick on every hole only, in case, when the first kick must be repeated because of out of bounds.

14.) Protestation

Protestation (only in written form) must be send to the committee within an hour after the award ceremony paying the fee at the same time. Just one of the players can do it. It’s price is 15.000 HUF, which is paid back, if it turns out, the player was right. It must be paid to the committee, otherwise, the protestation is declined.

In the protestation signed by the player, the situation must be written down with facts and evidences. It must contain the player’s name, address (email also), phone number. If the form is not filled properly, it is declined.

The protestation evaluated by the committee, which can ask any of the players concerned in the case.

The committee’s priority is to save the fair play of the game.

The player who is suggested to break the rules, has to prove to the committee, that he played under the rules.

The committee sends the decision to the players involved in the case and the organizers.

If the protestation is declined, the player has a right to appeal at the board of the Hungarian Federation until the fifth working day after the time of the declining protestation. It is free, any other regulations of the protestation are valid.

15.) Other

Players must follow the rules of the tournament, the stages and course rules. Players must follow the rules of the game, and behave as a sportsman and defend his and his partners health on the course and not disturb his partners.

The players must register the penalty points on the scorecard that the counted player gets during the game, otherwise the player himself get 2 penalty points because of the missed registration.

The committee can decide about penalty points and disqualification because of unfair behaviour.

Smoking, using drugs, drinking alcohol is prohibited from getting the scorecard until giving it back after the final hole, otherwise it means disqualification.

It is prohibited to play under alcoholic condition, otherwise it means disqualification. The disqualified player’s result is not counted on that stage.

The stage ends officially after the award ceremony.

The organizers has the right to modify the regulations!

Budapest, 17th October, 2016

Hungarian Footgolf Federation

Slovenská FootGolfová Asociácia

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IWFT 2016/2017

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